Hylex’s architecture supports flexible software development, easy content retrieval and free choice of tools.

Work with the most flexible architecture

Hylex is built on the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern.

The MVC pattern supports flexible software development, allowing for easy adjustment or extension.

Create, modify and integrate content with the API

Hylex provides a powerful and flexible RESTful API.

What is possible through the UI is also possible through the API. This opens up all kinds of possibilities when building applications that work on top of Hylex. It also allows a single content source to be used for multiple applications such as websites, intranets, mobile apps. Other benefits of the API include all the necessary functions for the flexible retrieval and manipulation of existing content, in easy-to-use XML or JSON format. All functions of the API are coordinated and work perfectly hand in hand. In addition, the API provides compatibility with any development platform, language and tools. Choose the most familiar, or since XML and JSON are processed by all modern programming languages, work with those that are best suited to the project.

A GraphQL API is also available on request.

Update content all at once

Hylex stores all the content on one content base.

Clients only need to refresh one content base, and all connected applications will be updated simultaneously. This synchronisation streamlines the client experience.

Automate common tasks with WebHooks

Hylex offers the facility to use WebHooks to notify applications when certain events occur.

Use Webhooks to trigger a predefined action automatically, forcing the application to react instantly to the content changes.