Hylex’s basic concept constitutes a tool with great flexibility, adaptability and freedom. A tool that opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Access content anywhere

Hylex is a hosted system.

This means there's no software to download or webserver to install and configure. A browser and internet connection is all that's required to access content from the Hylex server, fast and hassle-free.

For special requirements, there is also a self-hosted version.

Protect content versions

Hylex stores every change as a new version.

Rather than eradicating or overriding content as it is updated, old versions of content objects are saved in the version histories. Knowing they can recover content and track changes will give clients peace of mind.

Track real-world activities with workflows

Hylex supports a flexible workflow concept.

The closer CMS reflects normal client activities, the smoother their experience will be. Workflows enable the modelling of real-world working processes. A workflow consists of several states that are connected by transitions. Each transition represents an action that is performed on an object in a given state and, once completed, the object is left in a new state. Workflows are also beneficial when an application's performance requirements become complex and multilayered. In this scenario, Hylex allows a content type to have as many workflows assigned to it as necessary, and they will all operate independently from each other. This reflects even the most elaborate real-world scenarios.

Upload speedily to a CDN

Hylex automatically stores files on a Content Delivery Network of your choice.

The key benefit of using a CDN, such as Amazon S3 or Host Europe's Cloud Storage, is enhanced bandwidth and capacity.

Manage user rights

Hylex allows for multiple user accounts with user rights based on workflows.

Create extra accounts for clients, allowing them to login easily and edit content at will. In this kind of multi-user environment, user rights management is crucial; Hylex uses workflows, a far more flexible and natural than granting traditional read/write access to objects. User access is granted to workflow states and workflow transitions. Users access all objects which are in states they have access to, and only perform actions that match their access rights.

Run multiple projects from one login

Hylex operates from a single account.

The process of working on several projects at once is simplified by doing away with separate logins.

Move content at will

Hylex enables the export or download of total content at anytime.

Content is packaged in a neat XML format, which may be backed up or, if necessary, migrated to an entirely different system.

Keep content safe and secure

Hylex follows high security standards.

All data will be stored on the Hylex server which conforms with European data protection laws.