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Hylex’s neat user interface is easy to use yet powerful, beautiful yet functional. A user interface that is fun to work with.

Work intuitively and efficiently

The Hylex user interface is simple, beautiful and logical.

Implementing new content via the interface is fast and straightforward, inspiring client confidence and allowing them to manage content without any technical knowledge or training.

Simplify task with objects

Hylex simplifies the client remit by focusing on content objects.

This lets clients concentrate on generating good content, rather than creating articles, building pages or thinking about design.

Operate in any language

Hylex is multilingual.

International clients will appreciate that both the user interface, and labels of the input fields, are set to their preferred language.

Edit in WYSIWYG mode

Hylex features a built-in Rich Text editor.

Clients composing extended text-based content will find all the functionality of the word processing applications they're used to.

Upload files in an instant

Hylex incorporates an efficient file uploader.

This allows clients to get content onto their applications quickly and without fuss. They simply upload external files, like images or PDF documents, from within the user interface to a CDN. No technical knowledge or browser plug-ins are required.