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Hylex provides a flexible object-oriented modelling framework that facilitates the creation of individual content models that match the client’s domain.

Develop custom content models

Hylex provides a flexible meta model.

The ability to develop a unique content model for each project means that the content solution is appropriate to each client and each application.

Model a client comfort zone

Hylex allows content structures to be modelled using the terms and structures clients understand.

In effect, clients are already familiar with their new CMS before they see it. And once they do begin using it, they will be comfortably creating and modifying content objects, linking objects to each other and deleting objects they no longer need.

Create and edit types, properties and associations

Hylex uses the object-oriented paradigm.

To expedite implementation and make for a better overall experience, content models consist of content types (classes), properties and associations. Add, modify, move or delete any of these elements without data loss. Choose between different property data types, including single-line text, multi-line text, formatted text, date, time, colour, image and file.

Maintain an inherited link between types

Hylex allows one type to be derived from another.

The subtype inherits the properties of its supertype and adds them to its own unique properties. When retrieving data, or creating links between data objects, objects belonging to subtypes act as objects of their supertype. This is indicative of the Hylex concept; as a project becomes more complex, Hylex maintains control.

Build multilingual content models

Hylex stores content in unlimited languages.

This in-built capability is ideal for creating multilingual applications.